Chris Griscom Message January 2018

Dear Soul Friends,

Within the spectrum of familial and cultural programming lies the basis for mental rigidity in which the mind perceives anything new as a proof test or abstract concept, not allowing the experience of it as evidence or possibility.

We have not served ourselves as humans by identifying truth through our limited intellectual, rational minds.

The very definition of intellect is the capacity to problem-solve and discover the purpose or the workings of unexplained new phenomena placed before us.  However, we have interpreted it to mean nothing more than the assimilation of only a certain stratum of information, rather than the correlation of data from almost infinite aspects, that impinge upon each other to create a complex reality which necessitates holographic thought to comprehend.

In so doing, we have begun to weed out the very quality of mind that is vital to our next evolutionary step. 

We must use the 'higher mind' that encompasses holographic awareness, or we cannot possibly access the random chaos that synergistically precipitates cosmic manifestation.  In short, we will trail behind too slowly to interact with the forces of change.

We think of change in terms of attitudes and awareness about our world, but they are actually external measures that are somewhat secondary in effect.  We must change from the 'inside out,' in the same way the body heals itself.

The answers to our environmental and global issues are not just in new approaches, but in completely revamping our experience of being human!

Healing global rifts must begin with individuals who are willing to risk opposing the subtle coercion of society, in order to teach our children a kinder way.

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

As we expand our consciousness into holographic awareness, we will embrace new thought patternings that link perception to cause and effect, action and reaction, and clear the way to a new kind of intelligence.  It will be inclusive of beingness and Soul as holding the answers to life's greatest secrets and challenges. 

Excerpt from Chris Griscom's book, Psychogenetics: The Force of Heredity


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