Amy Adams, Light Institute Facilitator

As a Facilitator of The Light Institute, I work wth clients from all over the world. I am based at the home of The Light Institute, in Galisteo, New Mexico and I am also available to travel to your city to give sessions and Light Institute cranials.

I truly love guiding people through their incarnations of the Soul, witnessing the amazing personal exploration and expansion that takes place through their connection to the ultimate teacher--the Higher Self. The Multi-incarnational work at The Light Institute provides a fantastic format to unfold and activate the unlimited Source material that is ours to access, experience and radiate in our daily lives.  Now is the moment to shed the old that no longer serves us, to discover our own inner knowing, and to feel the freedom that comes when we begin to reinvent ourselves.  If you feel you are in sucn a place in your life, and would like to find out more about the work of The Light Institute, please feel free to contact me.amy adams

I wish you much joy, success, and a brilliant new year!

Amy Adams

Light Institute Facilitator and Cranial Therapist

Contact Information:
Tel: 505-690-1805
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Please contact me for upcoming travel plans.

Lifetime Discussion with Amy

A Message from Chris Griscom

Dear Soul Friends,

I would like to introduce to you our Light Insittue Facilitator, Amy Adams, who carries out this evolutionary process of incarnational clearing through Karmic release I created through 58 years of exploring reincarnation as a tool to enlightenment.  I feel you should know her as the wonderful teacher she is.

This December of 2017, Amy completes 20 years as a Light Institute Facilitator and  cranialtran!

Amy brings a wonderful sense of humor and gifted clarity to her work.

if you are hoping to quicken your Soul's evolution, learn to laugh in the face of colamity, face the death of a loved one, heal your body, find your Higher Self, or release incarnational Karma, Amy has the wisdom and clarity to show you how to do it.

I sincerely hope you will find your way here to Galisteo to do our LI multi-incarnational work with this wonderful, enlightened Facilitator--Amy.

Great Love,

Chris Grisocm

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