Sessions with Amy Adams - Creativiy & Success

As a Facilitator of The Light Institute, I am priveliged to guide others in discovering their multi-dimensionality, their strengths and their gifts. The blueprint of the soul contains essence material which, once activated in the mind of the cell, transcends the trappings of the ego and allows us to express our Soul’s intention. Chris Griscom has brilliantly designed the multi-incarnational sessions so we can discover that we are the creators, not the victims, of our realities. The power of this multi-incarnational work lies in the connection made to the Higher Self, the voice of the Soul. Through this connection, we become our own healer and teacher--truly responsible for our lives.

I recently worked with a client who came to look at themes around power and life purpose. She was experiencing a power struggle with her boss. No matter how well prepared she was, or how brilliant her ideas were, she never felt seen or heard by her. She began to resent her boss, blaming her for her lack of success, and she felt powerless to change her situation. Her Higher Self showed her a lifetime in the 1400's, as a young man who was accepted into a prestigeous painters school. The young man entered into his training full of ideas and pride in manifesting a place in which he could express his gifts. But he soon discovered that his teachers had no interest in his ideas or his talent. He was to paint only in the styles they required. When she went back to the young man's childhood, my client discovered that he came from a family of artists. He was expected to continue the family trade, and as a boy he felt lucky that he would always be doing what he loved. As a young child, his father encouraged and praised him for his creativity, but as he entered into puberty, his father began to teach him techniques which were aimed soley at insuring his place in the world as an artist. When he put his energy into a piece, instead of praise, his father now became angry, telling him that his art was a childish game, and that it was time to be a man and to follow his instructions, so that he could some day make a name for himself. He hoped that when he left his home, away from his father's influence, that he could once again be free to express himself creatively. When he found that nothing changed, he concluded that his talent did not matter to the world, and that he could not use his inner gifts and do what he loved and be successful in the world. He decided to "do what everyone else does" and he resented the world for not allowing him to have what he so desparately wanted. After perceiving and clearing these patterns, she is now experiencing the freedom inside herself to express her creativity and be visible in the world with it, no mater what someone else may expect of her. 

Within all of us is the potential for evolutionary growth that extends beyond the constrictions of family, gender and culture. Our Higher Selves are waiting for us to discover and activate the infinite expressions of the Soul, which are already a part of our physical, emotional and spiritual repertoire. I invite you to come experience this magnificent spiritual adventure!

Wishing you all the best,
Amy Adams
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