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NicoleLargecrofinThe Multi-incarnational Sessions open a threshold for us to dive into the depth of our own being and to discover the vastness and multitude of our essence. It is an exploring journey into the story of our soul to uncover lifetimes, experiences and inner knowledge that are shaping our life and personality as we know it today. By becoming conscious of different aspects and experiences of our soul, the sessions make it possible for us to work on any theme that might be important to us in our current life, including for example the sense of self, fears, themes of relationship, sense of success, health issues, inner peace, abundance, creativity, life purpose, living your potential, spiritual enlightenment etc. The Multi-incarnational Sessions help us gain insights on how the negative themes developed and how we used our positive potential to its fullest throughout the various different lifetimes of our soul, so that we have a better understanding of ourselves and may integrate our inner qualities and gifts more freely and joyfully into our life now.

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Die Multi-Inkarnationssitzungen öffnen uns einen Zugang zu der Vielfältigkeit und den unendlichen Weiten unseres wahren Wesens. Sie stellen eine Reise in die Geschichte unserer Seele dar, auf der wir die verschiedenen Leben, Erfahrungen und die sich entwickelte innere Weisheit unserer Seele entdecken können, die noch heute unser Leben und unsere Persönlichkeit formen. Durch das bewußt werden der verschiedenen Aspekte und Erfahrungen unserer Seele, ermöglichen uns die Sitzungen an jeglichen Themen zu arbeiten, die uns in unserem heutigen Leben wichtig sind. Diese Thematiken können zum Beispiel  Beziehungsthemen, Ängste, inneres Selbstbewußtsein, Erfolg, Gesundheitsthemen, Vertrauen, inneren Frieden, Kreativität und vieles mehr beinhalten. Die Multi-Inkarnationssitzungen erlauben uns Einblicke darin zu gewinnen, wie negative Themen entstanden sind und wie wir unser Potenial in anderen Leben voll ausgeschöpft haben. Diese Einblicke ermöglichen uns ein besseres Verständnis für uns selbst und fördern uns dabei, unsere brach liegendenden Qualitäten und Fähigkeiten  freier und erfolgreicher in unser jetziges Leben integrieren zu können.

NicoleCupola3Cellular Memory

Understanding our cellular memory is an important key in helping us comprehend what makes us tick. Most of our lives we live on automatic pilot. Our actions happen automatically. That includes our behavior pattern, the way we relate to life, how we express ourselves and even the way we think. Rarely do we   consciously choose how we want to feel, act or understand life. But what is in charge of us if not ourselves?

It is the accumulation of all the experiences we have ever had.

The cells store everything we experience and relate it to the current events. This is called cellular memory.

Let us use the example of failing a test to make it more understandable. The cells remember all the emotions, thoughts and conclusions relating to this experience. It might be a sense of being inadequate, not feeling good enough, or a fear of failure. These feelings will be unconsciously reactivated the next time we will need to take a test. We might or might not be aware of these activated memories and feelings. Either way, they create a specific attitude and expectation of another failure that might make it more difficult to be successful in taking the next test.

At The Light Institute of Galisteo, we use the Multi-Incarnational Sessions to bring memories from this life and other lifetimes to the surface of our consciousness. It gives us the opportunity to explore these experiences and to comprehend how they influence our sense of self. Some of them are blocking our true potential and need to be released. Others empower us and need to be activated. The sessions give us a unique insight into our true being and the various influences we are subjected to. They allow us to modify our cellular memory and take charge of our life again, so that we can live our true potential.

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