Life Themes by Nicole Grabke

What is the purpose of being alive if we don’t feel passionate about life itself?

Nowadays a lot of people are stuck in the chores of their everyday life. All they are focused on is to keep up with the demands of their life, to juggle the stress and to survive. But the price to be paid for this kind of lifestyle is a big one. More often than not we lose our “sense of self,” the joy of life, and we become empty or even depressed.  But it doesn’t take much to turn our lives around. The trick is to remember and to make ourselves conscious of the miracle of life itself. It is present everywhere we look: we can see that magic in an opening flower, the smile of a child, the twinkling of the stars, and even in the orchestrated functioning of our bodies. The world we live in is an amazing one. It is filled with beauty and miracles, and we are here to enjoy and even enhance it. It is our choice to become aware of these miracles. Once we truly look for them and allow them to touch our heart, they will spark a passion for living within us again, no matter the circumstances of our lives. It isn’t important what we feel passionate about, but once we start living and expressing that passion, it is as if it were turning on the light within us. It will provide us with a sense of happiness, love and independence. We actually start to become alive again. Most importantly, we become radiant beings who can inspire others.

A client of mine came to me with the feeling of being stuck in his life. He was successful in what society considers important, but he felt tired, without energy and nothing seemed to be able to spark his interest. He just went through his life performing what was expected of him, keeping busy, so that he wouldn’t have to think about his unhappiness. All of that changed when we looked at a lifetime in which he was a simple man who travelled throughout the countryside working for farmers as he passed through. He didn’t own much, but he felt happy and joyful. He would often just lie down in a meadow and open up all his senses to perceive nature around him. It made him feel alive to hear the bees flying from flower to flower, the warmth of the sun caressing his skin as he watched the birds enjoying the currents of the air. He chewed on a blade of grass and tasted its sweetness.  By perceiving the small, beautiful aspects of nature, he allowed life to touch him. Through these experiences, he became a part of the harmonic interplay of life, which created a feeling of connectedness, happiness and being at home.

My client was so touched by all these sensations of the lifetime that he began to meet his current life with a new attitude: He fell back in love with life again. By looking at his present life from a different angle, he has rediscovered the many beautiful details of his existence which excite a new found passion in everything and everyone that touches him. Reconnecting with his passion for nature has changed his whole sense of self. He smiles more now and reaches out to share his happiness with others, who are responding to him with more joy and openness as well.

It is often the quiet and simple lifetimes that touch us deeply on an emotional level and help us reconnect to the passion for life. All we need to do is to be open to it and allow that passion to inspire us.

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