Sessions with Alexandra Anja Nitsche

To give you some insight about the muliincarnational work of The Light Institute:

Below is an example of a lifetime which came up for a client during what we call a “Body" session. We recommend having a "Body" session when one suffers from a bodily affliction like pain, discomfort or a disease.  The client experiences what the body expresses, using the multi-incarnational format to explore the deep levels of the cellular memory to find the thought forms, conclusions and events that support disease, instead of health and well being. In this case, it is a young woman who suffered for years from unusually strong menstrual cramps that were unsuccessfully treated with pain killers. 

She shares this lifetime:

I see a little village with primitive houses and dirt roads. It looks like the middle ages in Europe. I walk bare foot in the wet dirt and carry a large basket filled with fire wood on my back. I enter one of the primitive little houses. It has only a small door and small slits as windows. It is semi-dark inside and barn animals and humans share the structure. There is one fire place that keeps us warm which is used for cooking, as well. I am a 10 year old girl. I have the responsibility to take care of younger siblings and help with household chores. I never visited a school. I cannot read or write nor do I know anything about the world beyond the parameter of the village. I am discouraged to ask questions.

That's just how it is and I am used to it. My mother sits in a corner. I do not feel very connected to her. The strongest emotion I experience is the fear of her voice shouting insults if I do not work fast enough, or seam to displease her in any way. I have the feeling she resents us children. We can only redeem ourselves by working hard, but there is never a word of praise--just less shouting. Mother cannot walk any more. We have to bathe and feed her. She often moans in pain, but we do not ask any questions--we do not know it to be any other way. I am the eldest of the house hold and expected to instruct the younger children in what to do. If they make any mistakes or abandon work for play, I will be blamed for it.

Recently, I seem to attract the attention of men. I do not understand why they look at me the way they do, and it is never explained to me. Soon I have more of that kind of attention then I care for. My parents do not seem to care, nor do they explain things to me. I have my first baby when I am 12 years of age. I am told I am an adult now and cannot live with my parents any more. One of the men, he is much older than me, takes me to his house. My mother tells me to be very grateful because no one else would take me in with a baby.

The people in the village see us as a couple. There is no marriage ceremony. I am told “that is for rich people." I am expected to cook and take care of the house. Conditions are very unsanitary. There is no running water. The well is very far away. I manage to carry just enough water for drinking and cooking and a little for washing. There is no soap--"it's too expensive to buy." We only use what we can produce or grow ourselves. Fulfilling my wifely duties, I become pregnant soon again. I do not understand that sex is connected to conceiving children. I am told that you have babies because god wants it so. As time passes, I have more babies. Because of the unsanitary conditions, I develop terrible infections and some of my babies die soon after birth or are still born. “That is also something that God decides," I’m told.

I feel worn out. My older children are boys. They help their father in the field. The younger children are girls, but they still need my care. I have no one that helps me with household chores.

An older woman gives me an herb that is supposed to stop babies from coming. It is very bitter and astringent, some magical thing. I am also supposed to conduct some rituals for the same purpose. My husband cannot know about this. The more children we have the better, more hands to work the farm. “The treatment” seems to work I do not get pregnant for a while; or maybe that is because my body is to ill and weak. I never got over the infections that I contracted from unsanitary conditions during and after child birth, and in general. Women are not to touch or wash down there. I suffer from constant abdominal pain. This is also something that comes from God. Maybe it is a punishment for taking the herb. I stop taking it and soon get pregnant again. Nine months later and I die in child birth. My spirit leaves the body confused not knowing what happened. "Did I not do what was expected?" It goes to some gray place and stays there.

In that lifetime, I did not own my body or my sexuality. I felt powerless to give my life a desired direction. I resented my body because of it’s ability to conceive and give birth--a body that entrapped me in a life I did not want.

The client cleared the conclusion that she did not have any power and knowledge to decide over her body and sexuality. She saw similarities in her present life, where she had surrendered responsibility of her body to the doctors that treated her for her abdominal cramps and who had told her, after hormonal treatment and treatment with painkillers had failed, that her pain was something she had to live with.

Two months after the sessions she realized that the pain had not returned and it stayed that way.

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