Kaethe Bremer, Light Institute Facilitator

Kaethe Bremer,Dear Soul friends,

Every person who incarnates into this physical world has a particular mission or purpose.

My service and gift to humanity is, as it has been for many, many years as a Minister and Facilitator of The Light Institute, to bring light and clarity to people and expand their consciousness to higher levels, by imparting with great joy the fascinating and powerful Multi-incarnational Sessions, not only at The Light Institute, but in almost every part of the world. Imbued with the philosophy of global consciousness, I travel to the places wherever people need my support and guidance and I come to them when they cannot come to The Light Institute. At these far away places I give talks, as well.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and details.

Great Love & Light,

Kaethe Bremer

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Please email me for future travel plans.

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Here is a client's comment:

Querida Kaethe,

Tengo el placer de mandarte uno de los libros que he publicado y en que eres protagonista. Es como un homenaje a ti e a Chris por vuestro magnifico labor. En estos ultimos años estoy recogiendo los frutos del camino que tanto se aclaró en las regresiones que con tanto amor me facilitaste en Schlüsshof, cerca de Berlin, en 2002. Te agradesco profundamente tu estupendo labor. Han tenido que pasar varios años para que lo que sólo era una ilusión, encontrara el impulso necesario para manifestarse. El amor y la luz que supiste transmitirme dieron su fruto y me permiten seguir mi camino con una mayor consciencia, alegría y paz.

Gracias, Mercedes.

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