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Chris Griscom is giving to 2018 a myriad of Light Institute Intensives with varying themes for Quickening our Genetic Encodings--awakening the filaments of unexplored  DNA--to quicken the frequency of Mankind.  All Light Institute Intensives include our powerful 4-day Private Multi-incarnational Sessions; Chris Griscom chats, meditations and classes; and a LI Cranial specifically designed to enhance the Multi-incarnational work.

For more infomration about any of our Intensives and to register for an Intensive, contact The Light Institute at (505)466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

GALISTEO:  Various Themes Throughout The Year
FEBRUARY 2-5  Activating the Next Octave of Experience
JUNE 5-8  Potential Body: Helix of Enlightened Health
OCTOBER 5-8  Beyond Our Parents
NOVEMBER 10-13  Theme TBA

li intensives galisteoThese Intensives will be held in the pristine energy of our home in Galisteo, New Mexico, and the warm Southwestern embrace of the Santa Fe Bed & Breakfast. They include four private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a Light Institute Facilitator and a LI Cranial.  Also, in the intimate environment of the space/time vortex of Galisteo, you will have conversations, meditations and classes with Chris Griscom, including a meditation and Knowings class with Chris in the high frequency of The Sanctuary of Light Meditation Sphere; the Knowings class will be followed by a world-renowned Light Institute Firewalk (weather permitting)--a powerful compliment to the multi-incarnational spiritual work you will be doing, and an opportunity to connect with the vast brilliance of a New Mexico night sky! The Light Institute has been offering our powerful, life-changing Intensives for over 25 years.  Thousands upon thousands of individuals from around the world have come to this special place on the planet to spiritually heal and expand their consciousness into new octaves of possibilities. Come join us and be part of the global transformation into new frequencies of light and consciousness.

SEDONA:  APRIL  --Date TBA--  Soul Bodies: Genetics of 3 Kingdoms                                                                               NOVEMBER  --Date & Theme TBA                                                                    

The location of these Private Intensives will be at a quietly elegant resort, surrounded by the vortex vibrations of the famous red rocks of Sedona--that radiate the frequency of our Cosmic origins. As well as being small and intimate, these Private Intensives will also include lodging, vegetarian meals and daily excursions with Chris to the famous Sedona vortices & portals--along with all of the powerful spiritual work of our Signature LI Intensives: four private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a LI Facilitator, daily talks with Chris Griscom, daily meditations in the red rocks of Sedona with Chris & LI Facilitators, and a LI Cranial specifically designed by Chris to enhance the multi-incarnational work.

Sedona Indian Head LI Intensives Sedona Sedona Landscape

BALTIC SEA, GERMANY:  MAY 24-29  Changing Relationship

      Baltic   BalticSea Land

On the small Island of Hiddensee--only bikes & carriages allowed, private cottages, long white sandy beach, just for you: Perfect place for a Human to Expand & Quicken the Genetic Frequency--perfect place for the Soul to Accelerate!!

Baltic Sea Water heiderose

In this peaceful environment, you will have chats with Chris Griscom twice daily, a 4-day set of private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a Light Institute Facilitator on the theme of Changing Relationship, a Light Institute Cranial to enhance your Multi-Incarnational work, morning meditations by the sea, delicious vegetarian meals shared with Chris and the LI staff, and a charming, light-filled private cottage with kitchen and living area.

KISSLEGG, GERMANY:  SEPTEMBER 6-11  Embracing Change

Kisslegghotel site

The Light Institute has found a beautiful area to explore the depths of your Soul!  This spacious retreat hotel in Kisslegg is located in the region of Allgaeu. In this serene and supportive environment, you will experience the profound power of your unlimited, Multi-Dimensional Self through private Light Institute Multi-Incarnational Sessions, along with morning meditations and daily chats with Chris Griscom.  A LI Cranial is also included and you will be sharing all meals with Chris and The Light Institute staff, completely immersing yourself in the higher frequencies of the Intensive work at all times. In addition to the immense spiritual work you will be doing, there will be a Light Institute Firewalk, a life-changing way to know the miracle that you truly are!

NAXOS, GREECE:  SEPTEMBER 14-19  Genetic Quickenings

The Intensive will be held in a lovely Inn by the sea.  You will have talks with Chris Griscom twice daily, a 4-day set of private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a Light Institute Facilitator, a Light Institute Cranial, morning meditations, lodging and lovely, delicious vegetarian meals.  Chris and The Light Institute Facilitators will be staying at the Inn also, so you will be completely immersed in the magnificent higher octave energies at all times throughout this life-accelerating event!

li intensives naxos   NaxosSunriset.jpg   GreeceSeaRock

FINLAND:  NOVEMBER 1-6  Cosmic Light

The Light Institute is taking the 2018 Genetic Quickenings Intensives to Finland November 1-6.  The theme of the Intensive is Cosmic Light!

Finland lights green

The Cosmic Light of the Soul will be dancing with the Brilliant Northern Lights & Powerful Magnetic Field of the Earth to quicken and expand Genetic Encodings of vast creative potential!  Powerful Multi-Incarnational Sessions have been created for this special, Once-In-A-Lifetime Event!

                         FinlandAurora1    FinlandVillaweb    Findland cool web

A uniquely designed Intensive, taking place in the village of Saariselka in Northern Finland, this rare experience of dimensional openings will be all-inclusive: Villa Lodging, Vegetarian Meals, Airport Transportation, 4 day Multi-Incarnational Session Set--Cosmic Light Theme, LI Cranial, Excursions, Chats w/ Chris Griscom, Meditations in Nature, and so much more...  We invite you to this remarkable place on Earth, to journey with Chris Griscom & The Light Institute into the realms of immeasurable Genetic Quickenings!

The Light Institute is offering a special early registration fee for the Finland Intensive before March 1, 2018.

Looking forward to sharing the Cosmic Light with all of you!

For more infomration about any of our Intensives and to register for an Intensive, contact The Light Institute at (505)466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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