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Chris Griscom Accelerates!

Her Speed, Her Work, New World


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We must seek the new energies, the higher frequencies, because one ecstatic being creates a ripple which sources unimaginable new realities--creating their potential in tandem with the Universe.
When the hum of ecstasy interpenetrates life-force energy, there is a spontaneous convergence of Light from which springs the highest octave of divine play within manifest dimensions.
Ecstasy soars upward, fueled by its own momentum, by its very being, transcending until it becomes an energy without a source. It becomes the source itself. This is the source which creates the worlds, creates the coalescence into thought, light, and form. 
--Chris Griscom

Chris Griscom designs, always, the LI Intensives to activate the 'life-force energies' of 'the highest octave of divine play.'  The Incarnational Sessions designsed specifically for each LI Intensive are so powerful that they are only given in an Intensive format , and only for small groups. 

This year, Chris is accelerating her work, & producing these world-renowned events at her speed; & creating the Intensive Sessions for each separate Intensive, distinctively for the participants attending. 

Once you register, Chris begins weaving you into the higher frequencies & dimensions of the Sessions she is creating for you as part of the small group, weaving the theme into your Global purpose.

Chris has been planning for this year as an acceleration--& for those of you who will "effect change" in the World.    

Again, once you register, Chris begins...  For additional information and to register for an Intensive, contact The Light Institute at (505) 466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

During these Intensives you will meet with Chris twice a day as she guides, anchors & directs the event for only small groups.  Each Intensive includes her personalized private 4-day Multi-Incarnational Sessions, 2 hours each day, with a LI Facilitator; a Cranial with a LI Facilitator (a LI Cranial is an activation of the master glands that influences the expansion of Consciousness); and morning Meditations with Chris throughout the event.  During your morning & afternoon time with Chris, she is assessing the energy of the group and setting the frequencies for the Incarnational Sessions, and making sure the group is "on track" with their Sessions.  For information about these powerful new LI Intensives: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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GALISTEO, NM--    Chris Griscom is opening LI to the world for a new Intensive each month, all year, 2023--her speed, your Global purpose, personalized Incarnational Sessions--in the beautiful high-frequency, high-desert of Galisteo, New Mexico, a completely unique portal on Planet Earth.    With each new Intensive, Chris is opening dimensional portals & genetic encoding that carry the frequencies necessary to weild illuminated, globlal & cosmic purpose.     

GALISTEO, NEW MEXICO 2023 INTENSIVE SCHEDULE--A 1st for the World--thank you, Chris!

October 27-30
December 8-11

All LI Intensives at this special place on the Planet, rock!  Full stop.  

Why are LI Intensives so special?  It's all about connection!

The outside world will have no adverse effect on you when your Source connection is steady & strong. When Source connection is constant, 'you' become the effect. This is the 'only' thing that truly matters.

--Chris Griscom

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Chris returns to Naxos & the beautifully secluded seaside Inn there each year for all of her powerful Intensives: Incarnational Sessions at the Inn with a LI Facilitator, Meditations with Chris on the beach, twice-daily meetings with Chris as she assesses the energy of the group & sets the frequencies for the Sessions each day--as well as wonderul meals at the Inn's open-air patio overlooking the Aegean.  Thank you, Naxos, for  your high-energy that so profoundly supports this very important work.     Directed, Anchored & Guided by Chris Griscom--for only a small group--Chris will be personalizing the 2nd Intensive Sessions for each participant, creating them around personal themes & Global purpose.

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 KISSLEGG, GERMANY:   FUTURE DATES TBA for 2025    Kisslegg is one of the special places on the Planet that Chris Griscom has chosen for the powerful work of LI Intensives . 

 Kissleg bright new 2021  Kisslegg pool


PRIVATE INTENSIVES: Chris Griscom & The Light Institute offer Private Intensives.  These Intensives are by special request only, organized by individuals for their family & friends, and directed, anchored & guided by Chris Griscom.  You may bring your group to Galisteo, or Chris & the LI Facilitators will travel to you, world-wide.  The Private Intensives include a 4-day set of Multi-Incarnational Sessions with the theme requested by the group; twice-daily, hour-long "Chats" with Chris Griscom; and a LI Cranial.  

For more information about our 2023 LI Intensives & Private LI Intensives, and to register, please contact The Light Institute at (505) 466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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