Light Institute Intensives

Light Institute Intensives

The theme for our 2017 Light Institute Intensives is ALL POSSIBILITIES!!

 all possibilities

Whatever it is FOR YOU—Spirituality, Creativity, Wealth, Success, Health, Happiness… Whatever YOU are moving toward—GO FOR IT!!

And to help you go for it: 2017 is also the year that a vibrant Chris Griscom will be 75 years on the planet!! In honor of this milestone, Chris is giving the gift of lowering the fee for this Signature Intensive, and for all LI Signature Intensives--all year!

As we move forward and outward to the highest realms of human potential, we invite you to help create the momentum for the new energies that are embracing mankind and planet earth!

For more infomration aoubt any of our Intensives and to register for an Intensive, contaact The Light Institute at (505)466-1975 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Private Intensive:

Sedona, Arizona—November 5-10

The location of this Private Intensive will be at a quietly elegant resort, surrounded by the vortex vibrations of the famous red rocks of Sedona--that radiate the frequency of our Cosmic origins.

As well as being small and intimate, this Private Intensive will also include lodging, vegetarian meals and excursions with Chris to magical sites in the area--along with all of the powerful spiritual work of our Signature LI Intensives: four private Multi-Incarnational Sessions with a LI Facilitator, Chris Griscom chats, meditations and classes; and a LI Cranial specifically designed by Chris to enhance the multi-incarnational work.

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