Chris Griscom August 2017 Message

Dear Soul Friends,

The Galactic realms are the cosmic windows that can most affect human evolution.  The intense increase in contact with beings from beyond earth is necessary so that we can realize how earth is a part of an infinitely greater whole.

Such beings have come before at auspicious moments and seeded our evolution.  They are here now because we are ready for a catapultic leap.

However, it is not something outside us that is changing, it is something inside us.  Our DNA is calling them to us through the resonance of our like frequencies—in effect, they are inside us!

We are they—in human form.

We will find the solutions to our earthly problems through the interface between our limited reality and the reaches of Cosmic source.

It is not that some superior group will resolve our dilemmas, but rather, as we activate our spin points that allow access into other dimensions and frequencies, we are able to use our expanded consciousness to holographically reconnect the questions and the answers.

The seeding of higher frequencies is changing the potential of all humans.

We need not be afraid to meet our cosmic relatives.  Meet them we will, for we are as crucial to their development as they are to ours.  In effect, we have each inherited the other—for as surely as we carry a bit of their DNA, they must carry something of ours.  Even if it has become a recessive trait, our Emotional DNA is a part of their destiny!

Great Love,
Chris Griscom

We are being infused with a new kind of energy.  This new energy is bringing a new look into our eyes and to those of our children—and a new relationship with the Cosmos.

Excerpt from Chris Griscom’s book, Soul Bodies

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