Sanctuary of Light Sunday Meditations

The Sanctuary of Light offers Sunday Meditations & Knowings with Chris Griscom via video. Knowings is a question & answer time with Chris about questions relative to our spiritual, personal, global & cosmic growth.  Please send your questions to Chris to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Chris is now filming Meditation & Knowings for all of you around the World, which are uploaded to YouTube every Sunday.  If you would like to receive the link for these videos, contact The Light Institute & ask to be on our email list, or click the following links to view:  March 22 Knowings Part 1, Knowings Part 2 , April 6 Knowings , April 12 Knowings , April 19 Knowings, April 26 Knowings, May 3 Knowings, May 10 Knowings, May 17 Knowings , May 24 Knowings , June 7 Knowings , June 14 Knowings , June 28 Knowings , July 5 Knowings, July 12 Knowings , July 19 Knowings, July 26 Knowings, August 3 Knowings, August 9 Knowings ...

To view all of Chris Griscom's Sunday Meditations & Knowings, as well as her recent videos on YouTube relating to the current global situation, please click here.

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