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Dear Soul Friends,

As we contribute to the illumination and higher consciousness on our planet, we will truly create a new and better world.

Chris Griscom has dedicated her life to the development of a spiritual technology that has changed the face of humanity and continues to evolve, guide and lift the spirit of each and every one of us. Her work, which is the foundation of The Light Institute, The Sanctuary of Light, and the Nizhoni Institute, changes lives, accelerates evolution and creates an opening of consciousness that is, for the first time in human history, available to every Soul on earth.

We thank you for your contributions to the continuance of this valuable work.

Please know that your commitment to furthering consciousness on this planet is deeply appreciated by all of us and we send you our support, love and profound gratitude.

From our hearts to yours,

Chris Griscom and the Staff of The Light Institute, The Sanctuary of Light, & The Nizhoni Institute

Please make a Supporting Endowment to The Light Institute, The Nizhoni Institute, The Sanctuary of Light to continue and grow in the world.

Thank You

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